Read your way to fluency in Spanish

The world's most advanced app for building your Spanish vocabulary.

Powerful features for advanced language learners

Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint

Faster Vocab

Quickly mark new words for study later and see them underlined in future texts regardless of their form.

Easier Grammar

Highlight words based on their part-of-speech. Learning the subjunctive just got easier!

Study Anywhere

Lingamo works offline, so study wherever and whenever you like.

Packed with Time Saving Features

Finding, studying and re-enforcing new vocabulary in a foreign language has never been easier

Part-of-speech highlighting

Native definitions and translations

Underline words you are studying regardless of how they are formed in the text

Spaced repetition based flashcard system

Text-to-speech support

Over 400 hours of audiobook content

Push past the intermediate plateau

There are only so many hours in the day that it can be hard to make time to actively improve in a foreign language.

How is Lingamo Different?

Most assisted reading apps ignore grammar. Lingamo is smarter. It can recognize words you are studying regardless of the form they take. It also knows the part-of-speech of every word.

Who Should Use Lingamo?

Anyone who has reached basic literacy in a language and still wants to make progress. Lingamo is built to be used anywhere and to enable extremely efficient study sessions.

How Does it Work?

Lingamo analyzes all articles and books before they are delivered to you. This analysis enables many of the advanced features present in the app.

What is Lingamo best at?

Saving you time. Lingamo is best used as a tool for building your vocabulary. It's not the only tool required to reach fluency, but it can be a huge time saver.

Beta Tester

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